Small, medium and large insulated commercial vehicles (max. 18 m³).

Competitive price

System characterised by low weight and no envelope outside the vehicle. Also suitable for installation on vehicles equipped with air-conditioning.
Operation with driven compressor. Numerous accessories make several configurations easy and immediate. Available in the version for R134a or for R404a.

Ideal for transporting foodstuffs, medicinal and other pecial products.

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  • ATP certification
  • Automatic temperature regulation
  • Light and invisible
  • Operation with driven compressor


Refrigeration unit with operation through compressor driven by the engine, condensing unit built into the profile of the vehicle, evaporating unit positioned on the ceiling.
Two versions are available with road only or road-stand-by operations, with a 230V-1ph electric motor/compressor module for installation inside the vehicle.
The possibility to choose the system with different refrigerant, depending from the required temperature of transportation, guarantees the best performance and reliability. These models make it possible to maintain the vehicle's original aesthetics and aerodynamics line and are characterised by reduced weight and limited dimensions. The systems are modular, configurable with numerous accessories depending on the product to be transported and the type of use to be chosen.

Technical datasheet
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See accessories


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Extra dryer filter
the system is equipped with a standard dryer filter which guarantees the elimination of humidity from the circuit during normal operation of the system. A second filter can be added, allowing longer intervals between maintenance. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

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Fluid injection
in particular conditions of use, the compressor tends to overheat, affecting its reliability. This accessory makes it possible to cool the compressor, when necessary, thanks to the direct expansion of gas on the circuit suction line. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

 - slide 3

Low pressure switch kit
safety device which stops the system if coolant leaks out of the circuit. This accessory prevents the seizure of the compressor due to leakage of coolant and oil. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

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Temperature data logger
instrument which, while being compulsory for large vehicles only, is becoming more and more popular, because it allows the transporter to prove to the addressee of the goods that the cold chain has been fully respected. Available in different versions for internal or external installation, with or without a printer. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

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Electronic control panel
simple to read, thanks to the large backlit display. Easy to adjust, it automatically maintains the temperature set and allows the control of the main system functions. STANDARD SUPPLY

 - slide 6

Resistance for water drain pipe
systems that operate at negative temperatures can accumulate ice in the condensation drain hoses. This accessory makes it possible to defrost the water inside the drainage pipes. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

 - slide 7

Hot gas heating
this accessory makes it possible to use the cooling system to heat the loading compartment and keep the set temperature, even in environments where the temperature is below the one required. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

 - slide 8

Hot gas defrosting device
During the normal operation of a cooling system, due to the presence of humidity in the air, ice accumulates on the heat exchanger core of the evaporating unit. The presence of too much ice prevents the correct operation of the system. The hot gas defrosting device, which can be activated automatically and manually, allows the elimination of these accumulations and it guarantees excellent performance at all times.STANDARD SUPPLY

 - slide 9

Oil separator
the compressor is lubricated by special oil contained inside it. In particular conditions of use, oil can leak out of the compressor, affecting its reliability. This accessory guarantees the correct lubrication of the compressor under any working conditions.OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

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